Kheycee’s Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa,

I know. I’m too old to be doing this kind of stuff. I never even believed in you. For me, Christmas is about food. That and also the birth of Jesus. Period. I was even like, “Who the hell is Santa? Is he our neighbor?” Can you believe that? Haha.

Anyways, since I just recently found out that there were downside in using genie for my wishes (primarily being limited to 3 wishes only), I used my better judgement (read: better) and decided to come to you. Also, it seems that your only requirement is to be nice, making you the next best choice.

So, here goes my wishlist (in no particular order) :

1. That Napoles returns everything.
Admit it. P10-billion pesos divided by more than 90 million Pinoys is enough to make everyone smile. Especially in these hard times.

2. That my ninong finally gets my gender right.
Yes you sly bastard. Stop sending me girly gifts. Are you expecting me to wear that thing you sent? Stop. Just stop.

3. That my former boss pays her debt.
Hi boss. Remember when I was still a newbie and I lent you money because you said that you badly needed it? It has already been two years and you haven’t paid yet. Wait. Did I just say 2 years? Wow. Just wow.

4. That I finally finish school.
I admit it. I get sad when I see my students’ facebook accounts and the accomplishments that they already had. Makes me want to go on a guilt trip. #laslasconvention

5. That I still get to write on this blog for a very long time.
Recently, I feel that I no longer have any interesting things to say out here. Someone also told me (though it was just a joke and she was just probably kidding) that this blog is a waste of time. I felt down at that time and made me want to stab here. Fortunately, I didn’t. In a totally unrelated news, she has been receiving a lot of death threats from my blog followers. Kidding. 🙂

6. That this would be my last December as a platinum member of SMP.
No explanation needed. What is SMP? Lucky you. IGMG.

7. That I finally get to finish something that I planned.
As a ningas kugon type of guy. I tend to start things without trying to finish it. Take for example trying to learn other language. Still haven’t even started with that one. I’m about to start with violin. Hope to finish it.

I think that would be all for now. After all, I don’t want to pressure you too much Santa. Baka bigla kang atakihin bigla dyan. Di bale. May simvastatin at metoprolol ako dito. #higbloodpressureblues. Haha. Hope to hear from you soon.



PS. We actually don’t have chimneys here Santa. So just knock on the door anytime. Except on Sundays. That’s my day of rest.

PPS. How come you tolerate the other reindeers from making fun of Rudolph? That’s just wrong man.


Mga Puna (+add yours?)

  1. Kween Sese
    Dec 05, 2013 @ 06:46:07

    parehas tau ng wish, yung number 6!! hahaha.. 🙂 c’mon Santa!! I know I’ve been on the nice list for all my life!! hahaha charot.. :3


  2. Kween Sese
    Dec 05, 2013 @ 06:56:08

    naka-connect sa FB.. ganda ko nuh? 🙂 wahahaha charot!! Bike na tayo!! bili ka na dali tpos bike papuntang tagaytay hahaha.. *spam* sorry!!


  3. Bebekoh
    Dec 05, 2013 @ 13:28:12

    ningas kugon ka rin… hehehe! di maiwasan noh… 😛


  4. cheesecake
    Dec 06, 2013 @ 04:21:23

    why at number 2? 😀


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