An Open Letter to Whoever is in Charge of Traffic

John Kevin Ceprian M. Cadiz
A Bored Citizen
Republic of the Philippines

To whom it may concern:

Clap. Clap. Clap. Whoever you are, if you’re goal was to piss off thousands of Caviteños and other people from Southern Luzon, you just did it. You simply are a genius in being a total jerk.

Who would have thought that simply not allowing provincial buses access to Metro routes could bring the ire of many? Not me. I’m simply not that evil. But you did it anyways.


Figure 1. Nope. No procession here. Just throngs of people waiting to get a ride

See that picture? I’m sure you would have been proud. Yes, the buses are out of you’re oh-so-precious roads but you passed the burden to these people. And it was even raining. Where is your heart? Is it still beating?

I’m not saying I could’ve done a better job than you (even though I probably could). All I’m saying is you’re better than this. Out of all the possible solutions, this is the best you could have come up with? Anyare?

There is still time to redeem yourself. Stop being such an ass. You can do better than this. Involve everyone. Put yourselves into other people’s shoes. Think of something better. We’ll be waiting.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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