A Love Story

[Ang susunod na programa ay Rated PG. Charot. First try ko ‘to sa pagsusulat ng story. At love story pa nga. Powtek.]

I really enjoy playing with my neighbor. Though I hate it when sometimes relatives tease us saying that one day we’ll marry each other. What were they thinking? Can’t they see how much of a mess this girl is? They must be joking.

I really enjoy playing with my neighbor. Time seems to fly whenever I go to their house. Everything is just so much fun. I dislike it when he sometimes plays a bit rough. But hey, I know that it is just because he is a guy. It’s just weird that our parents seem to tease us a lot. Can’t they see that he’s just a brother to me?

I just saw my gangly neighbor yesterday. Something seems to have changed with her. She was still thin yet there is a hint of being feminine with the way she moves. We spent the whole hour catching up. I wanted to talk to here for a longer time but she seems to be in a hurry. Maybe it’s for our assignments. Hmmm…

I was on my way home from the library when I saw my old playmate. He definitely grew taller than me and his voice deepened. It was weird enough just to stare at him. We caught up about a lot of things like school work and stuff. It’s just sad that I have to leave early as I have a lot of homework to do. I said goodbye hoping we can chat again tomorrow.

April 2004.
It has been years since I last talked to her. Though I don’t want to leave our town, I have to go to the city to be closer to my university. Hence, all chances of chatting up with her just got severed. But, a weird thing just happened yesterday. I just met an old friend who happens to have her number. I wonder what to tell her?

I sorely miss my neighbor. Yes, he may act too stupid at times, but he never ceases to make me smile. I know I just have to meet him again. Sadly, he has moved to the city to finish his studies. I gave out my number to our common friends hoping that one of them might be able to give him my number. And so, the waiting game begins.

May 2004.
Message sent. It took a long time for me to compose that message. Nothing much. It was me just checking up on her if she’s doing fine. Hope she send out a reply. And so, the waiting game begins.

Finally!! I just got a text message from him. I hurry and send a reply. We check up on each other and tell stories just like before. God, he became so chatty!! At the end of the day, I just can’t wipe off this stupid grin from my face.

Today, she has just got herself a boyfriend. I know I should be happy for her. But weirdly, I feel so down and depressed. What is happening with me? I quickly called up my friends for a drinking session.

I finally answered yes to my suitor. I quickly called my old playmate up to tell him the good news but he didn’t seem to be so excited about it? I wonder what’s wong?

I feel so miserable right now. Every deadline seems to haunt me. Exams are soon coming up but I feel that I haven’t studied enough. I just grounded myself so that I can focus on my finals. Just heard that she broke up with that dumb boyfriend of hers. Good grief. I wanted to check up on her but I know I have to stick to being grounded.

I feel so miserable. I just broke up with that damn cheating boyfriend of mine. I wanted to call up my old playmate but then, I know he’s busy with the exams and everything. I just used my unspent energy in studying.

Guy: Finally, I’m done with school!! I hurriedly send her an sms telling that I’m about to go home. So excited!!

Finally got my diploma!! And the best part of it is that is not the best news I’ve got. He is finally going home!! I planned a trip so we can relax our tired souls before we face the corporate world.

April 2008. Morning.
After what seems to be an eternity, we met again. I was shocked of how different she looked. She was still thin but oh my god!! She is definitely hot. Seems that she planned a trip to show me the changes that happened. I enjoyed everything. We went biking and had a gourmet trip. Everything was so much fun. But something is not right, my heart seems to beat too wildly when I get too close to her. Am I falling in love with her?

Boy, am I so excited!! Everything seems to go well as I planned. Unknown to him, this trip has a hidden agenda of its own. You see, after all this years, I have realized that I have fallen for him. And so I planned this trip to launch Operation Sweep-him-off-his feet. And it seems to be working. Woot!!

April 2008. Afternoon.
We were so tired from everything that we did today. And so as we sit on our way home, we really didn’t say much to each other. She seemed to get sleepy and so I put her head on my shoulder so she can sleep easily. And then the reason behind my wildly beating heart just hit me. I really am falling for this girl. Who would’ve thought that our parents may be right? One thing is for certain. Things are gonna be much brighter for the two of us.

I am just so tired. No words can probably explain the tiredness I am experiencing right now. Yet, I feel that I can still go on as he is by my side. Who knew that my sinister plan would have this side effect? He gently put my head on his shoulder and whispered softly that I should go to sleep. And so, as I slowly closed my eyes, I smiled. Things are gonna be much brighter for the two of us.


Mga Puna (+add yours?)

  1. Jz Lyn
    Jun 12, 2013 @ 09:09:03

    Ikaw na talaga kevs, U can be a good writer someday.. dapat nag iba ka na ng account. This is nice it actually happens in real life 🙂 waiting for another blog


  2. alnei
    Jun 18, 2013 @ 14:20:49

    nice kevs!! more!


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